“Clique”- “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” Oscar Wilde

Hello Folks,

First of, happy Easter holidays, I think we all deserve a break at this point, and hope you are enjoying yours as much as I do mine.

There is no better time than the present, and today I would like to talk about a new series that I came across not long ago, created by BBC Three. If you haven’t heard about it, you better catch up, we are 6 episodes in already, ant the plot-line changes faster than you say Quiddich.

For those of you a bit disappointed by the attempt to follow up the lives of our favorite “Skins” characters, this will be a good surprise, as well as possibly a new obsession. This show was created by the same person that brought us the exclusive insight into the lives of dysfunctional, drug-using and self-destructive teenagers, however this time upgrading to a more posh, and certainly more complicated plot.

Courtesy of bbc.co.uk

The story itself revolves around 2 girls in their first year at university, and a big business company that recruits their students from year one, and the way the promotion of the series puts it, “it’s not your average internship”. The story is also based on a positively feminist values, promoting women in the business environment, however as expected, things go a bit south.

From the fashion side, (and also the character wise) it creates a parallel between 2 different worlds, the casual reality, and the polished, and slightly dark business world, the world of men, in which women are trying to make their way, but it does crash into a series of unfortunate events so to say. By casual reality I mean the one that certainly I am more used to during my uni life, days that only a slight effort is required to show your face in the classroom, and were the occasional sweatpants day is allowed. However once the girls start their intern life( again, so different to what I personally went through), it’s embarrassing to show yourself undone.

Courtesy of bbc.co.uk

The characters are certainly complex, and there is present both the battle on the internal/personal level, and also the battle with the Big Man, that is not an easy on indeed, especially led by a couple of freshman girls. Do give it a chance, because you will love and hate the same character several times in the course of an episode, and the dresses, using the voice of a fashion diva, are to Die for.

Check the series official page for some trailers and clips HERE! and see for yourselves.

Also let me know what you think about the series if you already watched it, but let’s keep it without spoilers though :))

Cheers guys,

Talk later,



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