“Holy Motors”- we are all playing a part anyways

Check out the trailer first!

Hello folks,

Long time no speak again, sorry for that, there is no particular schedule here but i am working on it, after all, no one cancelled my class schedule yet so bear with me here.

Life is complicated, isn’t it? Going to school, university, work, there is no break from the messy reality, and sometimes it does make us crawl under the heaviest blanket and munch on anything that is at our arms length. We are the actors of our own lives and sorry for being so banal but how many of us haven’t looked outside a car’s window listening to the soundtrack of our lives and imagined being in a romcom!(also insert “Girl on the train” flashback here).

“Holy Motors”, the last movie on my short list of “Fashion in Film Festival” screenings i actually attended is exploring exactly that, the present, and the one that we are able to change and mold upon the script we get. Just like the main protagonist, Mr. Oscar, who spends half of the movie in a limo, preparing for his next role, and the other half actually playing diverse characters.

It’s a 2012 French/German movie, and the spoken languages were French, English and Chinese, but I must say even with the need of subtitles, it was not an issue at all, as the play of the actors was so emotionally charged.

It’s certainly hard to put it into a strict category, as the small fragment that make up the movie are so different from one another, and with each mask the main character puts on, there is another story, there is another plot line, each requiring a certain transformation, and in some cases, there is not even need for a dialogue. It feels like we are travelling across the wild imagination of the director and scriptwriter, Leos Carax, that made the people in the movie theater cringe, laugh, even shed a metaphorical tear here and there.

A great touch as well were the several musical sequences, that brought a feeling of even more surreal atmosphere, were there is nothing out of place, if there is no place to begin with. In chaos we find peace, and in the falseness of a reality we find ourselves.

The costumes in this movie, as well as the plot-line itself were certainly on point, as each of the many characters played by Mr. Oscar were fit for that exact sequence. We also have many shots of him putting on make-up, dressing up, reading the script, just like each of us every morning, doing the same routine, choosing the clothes, checking our calendar, preparing to play our certain role.

Clothes are the important protagonists as well here, as there is nothing more important in a role we choose that the clothes we wear. We choose a pantsuit to be taken seriously, we choose to wear red to attract attention, we dye our hair for the sake of a role we play every single day, and like Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair she is about to change her life”, which is the act of changing out character, a way to lay down a new script. This all brings us to the life-long debate, “life imitating art, or art imitating life”, but let’s not get that deep into the rabbit hole.

Check out the movie if you are into mind blowing movies that put up a perspective in front of you, I certainly had to spend a while into the “Barbican” coffee shop after staring into blank space and trying to put my brain into a reset setting. And let me know what you think about it,

That’s all for now folks, coming back soon with some new TV series reviews soon enough, this season is full of some exciting new treats!




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