First impressions

Happy Sunday folks,

So this is it, i am on my way to the airport after 2 great days of good cinema. First impressions- a lot to take in. All the three and 1/4 movies had an interesting and powerfull input, in some places surreal, some old fashioned, but all in all, the collection seems right at its place, and is sinc with the main theme.

It would be a tiny bit complicated to throw everything in one post, so during next week expect small reviews and general ideas about each movie: “Tales of Manhattan”, “Barbarella” and last but not least, “Holy Motors”. I will try to show the connection to the main theme of the festival, and my personal impressions.

Overall, the festival organizers kept us busy and buzzing before each screening, I am not going to play favorites here, but Saturday was a very exciting one for sure. I wish i could stay for todays screening as well, as it is the last one on the schedule, but alas, duty calls. But you still can catch it if you are fast, it’s the screening of “The Inferno Unseen” , 16.30 at Barbican, i will include the brochure below. And there is always the next festival, i definitely would like to check out the lineup as soon as it gets out and about.

I feel like a need a disclamer here, I am not a movie critic, I am a fashion student, but i love movies and have seen my fare share, just ask my mom, she still thinks all my life problems are because of that. This is my “personal” space and i am not imposing my ideas, so if you disagree, i encourage you to leave a comment, there is nothing i enjoy more than a good argument!

It was a sunny couple of days, so i would love to believe that i brought with myself a little bit of Italian sun here, and i really hope it will stay here for as long as possible, I feel sad leaving, but I’m not gonna say goodby, its a see you later for now.

Cheers folks,



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