Fashion like a memory

Ciao everyone,

I am a couple of hours away from the screening of “The Tales of Manhattan”, a 1942 masterpiece that shows a story of a particular suit, that is being passed on to different people along the course of its existence. Beside that, this festival day will include a 1944 short, “IN WHICH WE LIVE: BEING THE STORY OF A SUIT TOLD BY ITSELF”, in which the suit is the actual protagonist.

The movies are yet to come, and I am no fan of a spoiler so if any of you would like to actually watch the movies yourself I only encourage you. So no spoiler disclaimer done, now moving on, the general theme of the day is certainly linked to the idea of the “present”, and how it slowly flows into the “past”, becoming a part of our ancestry, heritage, whatever you want to call it. I am sure that each and every one of us has a piece of clothing or jewelry, or a picture even that came from your previous generations. In my case, its a sweatshirt my mom bought when she was a teenager covered with cats in boots, that I still wear upon this day, I would have probably worn it while righting this, but I travel light so it had to stay in Rome (I might have a pic of me wearing it somewhere though).

If we think about it, the whole thrift shopping experience is partially based on this principle, however we do not know the story, we can not have the satisfaction of putting on a ring that was one day on your grandmothers finger when she was young, living her life, not knowing her future. While thrifting, we think most of the time only about a bargain and a good find, the fit doesn’t always matter to be honest ( thread and a needle can be put to good use any time of the day).

Clothes in general are more to us than just pieces of whatever material that is to cover ourselves when its cold, the minute we choose a piece, it becomes us, when something is yours, it takes a piece of you inside, for all the Harry Potter fans out there I am pretty sure you know what I am comparing this process to. This is why I am partially against the fast-fashion thing going on around us, there is nothing special in picking up a shirt that will be lying in a drawer, and then end up being tossed out. I am not saying that part of your heritage should be your mothers’ wardrobe, that would be ridiculous, but there are things worth investing in.

I was thinking about this while walking around the city today, and I saw an old man, standing and reading a newspaper, (I even took a picture of him) and to me he looked like the spirit of a big city, a bit grumpy, tired, but very friendly and welcoming if you get to know him better. For some reason, the clothes he was wearing made me think about the movie we will see tonight, and how every time we miss someone, a t-shirt, or even a scarf are enough to remind us of them, usually even more than a picture would. That is probably why so many movies are based on a single piece of clothing, The Green Scarf in “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, the gloves in “Serendipity”, and I think you guys can mention many more.

Ok folks, those are the thoughts of today, if you don’t feel lazy and someone actually reeds this stuff, tell me if you have something that reminds you of home, or maybe an heirloom that is part of your family history, I told you mine, now tell me yours 🙂 And please check out some more info int the pic below or on the festivals website HERE!

Talk in a bit,



My cat lady sweatshirt I can’t live without ( please ignore the scared look, it was the exam period). 


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