Fashion in Film, destination- London

I would like to start this post by mentioning the terrifying events that took place yestereday, march 22nd in one of my most beloved cities in the world, London is and always will be a city you can never get enough of, and i am sure that all of our hearts are with the everyone suffering because of this unfortunate and unjustly event. I am very sad to start with those words, but this was the only thing i could think of preparing for my 11 am flight to Stansted, (well that and wether or not take a proper suitcase with me, and how ridiculously miserable i will be in the aftermath, but that faded away quickly).

So coming back to the main reason of my 3 day field trip, “The London Fashion in Film Festival”. It managed to build up a legacy like no other, and it has a fascinating lineup of movies and talks every other year(it is a biennial festival after all), managing to bring up the most important themes and ideas in films, fashion and art. This year is the festivals 10th aniversary, and this season, the focus is on the almighty Time itself.  “Wearing Time: Past, Present, Future, Dream”, are the words proudly highliting the main teason of the festival, as all the movies gathered during these 2 weeks are all about the different hipostasies of the only thing we can not posess. The different ideas in each and every movie shows a different reason and mindset for challenging or predicting time and fashion all together. During the 2 days of the festival i will be here, will take place the screening of three movies, each with its own character so to say, and i will try to cover in the most interesting way possible why they were chosen, what they represent, and what does its fashion say, after all, quoting Walter Benjamin, “Fashion, the measure of time.”

Cheers guys,

Talk soon.



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